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George Belcher has been a dealer in fine paintings since 1976 and was one of the first U.S. dealers to specialize in the art of Mexico and Latin America. As a charter member of Sotheby's Internet Associates, the gallery now expands its services to the internet art market.

Born in South Texas and a graduate of Pan American University in Edinburg, Texas, George later served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Bolivia in 1964-1966. While working for the Agency for International Development in Vietnam in 1967-1971, he became fascinated with the culture of Southeast Asia and the art of that world region. Over the past few years as more and more collectors have begun to focus on the art of Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar, the art of Southeast Asia has become a speciality of the George Belcher Gallery.

George Belcher is an avid diver, a shipwreck historian and a documentary George Belcherfilmmaker. In 1986, George and his brother, Joel, led an underwater archaeological expedition to Mexico and discovered the shipwreck of the U.S. Brig Somers, a U.S. Navy warship lost in 1846 during the opening months of the Mexican War. George produced and directed the award-winning documentary film, The Curse of the Somers, featured on THE HISTORY CHANNEL in 1996-1999

The Shark Collection

Over the past few years, George Belcher has formed a personal collection of tribal art and Pre-Columbian art that focuses on the shark. He is interested in hearing from anyone who has shark-related art works and objects, either for sale or for possible loan for a future museum exhibition.

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